Caramels in Dark Chocolate

We wanted to make our flavor infused caramels something that people would enjoy as much as they did our Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™, so Kelly decided to give them the Art Eatables spin. From the moment we launched our Bourbon Orange and Bourbon-smoked Sea Salt caramels, we knew we had something good on our hands. Chocolate covered caramels aren’t unique in the world of candy, but ours are a new take on a classic. Creamy caramels are flavored and enclosed in a chocolate shell for a sweet, vibrant flavor. Each will be a richly-flavored, complex candy that you can savor.

Our Flavor Infused Caramels represent one of our alcohol-free offerings. Although spirits may be used in some of the recipes, caramel cooks at a high temperature and the alcohol is burned off so there is no appreciable amount of alcohol left. (Our only caveat – if you have a religious abstention from alcohol, you may wish to skip these candies as trace amounts may still be present.)

Dark Chocolate Flavor Infused Caramels – 4-Pack

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Dark Chocolate Flavor Infused Caramels – 10-Pack

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