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Nut Free

We say that we are a nut-free facility, and here is what we mean by that:

  • We do not use any tree nuts or ground nuts.
  • We do not use products that say they contain nuts.
  • We do currently have a couple ingredients that have a “may contain nuts” statement. We have been told this is because they purchase some chocolate from growers who also grow nuts, so they cannot be certain that some nuts could be introduced. We do not work with these ingredients at the same time as nut free products. We clean any equipment thoroughly afterwards.
  • We do not allow our staff to bring in/consume products that contain nuts.
  • We attempt to prevent customers from bringing in foods that contain nuts.
  • Because there is some crossover, we also do not use sesame.
  • We do use coconut, which is a fruit – not a nut – and does not appear to have any crossover or correlation with nut allergies.