Mikey’s Sunseed Munchers™

Pack of 6 Bags:

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Our son spends a lot of his summers at the shop with us. The downside of having a kid at a candy shop is that he’s going to want some snacks. We’re a nut-free shop, and he missed having the crunch of nuts in chocolate, so he came up with a tasty concoction to nibble on. Once we realized that we kept breaking into his stash and eating it ourselves, we figured that he had a pretty neat product of his own. So that’s how Mikey’s Sunseed Munchers™ started.

A portion of every sale goes to Mikey and we use this as an opportunity to teach him about business – product costs, overheads, marketing and so on. As to the size of the portion, well , let’s just say that we don’t need to work on his negotiation skills much.

Alcohol-free. Contain Soy, Milk, Coconut. Original Munchers also contain Wheat.


Original (Milk chocolate, sunflower seeds and pretzel pieces)
Cherry (Dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and dried cherries)

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