Art Eatables® is a chocolatier and confectioner based in Louisville, KY, just a short drive from the heart of bourbon country.

Art Eatables® is a chocolatier and confectioner based in Louisville, KY, just a short drive from the heart of bourbon country.

We have a focus on making bourbon-infused and bourbon-themed candies and chocolates, all with an eye towards taking America’s native spirit and making it accessible to people the world over.  Because we love bourbon in all its complexity and subtlety, we don’t frequently combine it with flavors that we feel would take away from the charm of the original products.

We’re dedicated to providing hand-made chocolates and candies that taste amazing, look great, and are presented beautifully.  We’re new to the candy business, and we feel that gives us an edge.  We will always strive to develop new presentations and flavors to delight the eye first, and the taste buds foremost!

We stand behind our products with an unflinching concern for quality.

Our Story

At Art Eatables­­® we wanted to do something different.

In 2011, we started a candy company, and kept getting asked if we made bourbon balls.  But we didn’t.  More than that, we didn’t want to.  Bourbon balls are an established tradition in the commonwealth; it seems everyone’s grandmother makes them.  We didn’t want to trample on that tradition.

So we worked and worked and developed something new — and that’s how we became the Creator of the Small-batch Bourbon Truffle™.

The Small-batch Bourbon Truffle™ is different from most other bourbon candies because we focus equally on the confection and on the bourbon.  What’s more, we pick chocolates that accent the character of the bourbons we use.  Sometimes they even pull out hidden notes that you might not have noticed before.  By paying attention to both the chocolate and the bourbon, we deliver a taste experience like no other.

There was one other benefit — even people who don’t like bourbon found themselves liking these truffles.   You get the satisfying tastes of rich Belgian-style chocolates, paired with the elegant flavors of many of Kentucky’s most-loved bourbons.  (The best part to us — people have told us that they started buying bourbons to learn about them after buying our truffles.  What a great way to encourage people to learn about our state’s most famous spirit!)

In addition, all of our products are completely hand-made.  Don’t get us wrong — we use cooking implements.  You’ll find mixers and warmers and common kitchen tools befitting our modern times.  But what we don’t mean is that someone picks them up at the end of an assembly line.  We hand-roll, hand-dip, hand-decorate and hand-pack all of our products from start to end.  Real people are making candies to be enjoyed by other real people.  That’s important to us.  We hope it’s important to you too.

You can find our list of retailers around town and around the state, and learn about our other candies and new Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™ that we’re developing. Thanks, and we look forward to your order!