What on Earth is Bourbon-ness?

Bourbon-ness is a term we coined to try to describe the intensity of the bourbon flavor of our Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™. It grew over time to encompass the whole “alcohol-ey” feel of a given chocolate. (Unfortunately, while this term may have been slightly more accurate, it sounded even dumber and that’s why we stuck with Bourbon-ness.)

This may be a disservice to some lovely spirits, as I’m pretty sure our Irish Whiskey distilling friends wouldn’t really think of their products having any Bourbon-ness at all, while a good Rye is similar enough for everyone to understand what you’re getting at. But for us, the term includes everything from the distinctive tingle on the palate, the flavor profile of the whiskey, how prominent the wood notes and tannins are, and whether it has a long warm finish or not.

Some of our truffles will be so delightfully mild that you may be completely unaware of any alcohol in them. This frequently happens with some of the moonshines, liqueurs or Cocktail Chocolates™. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have full, rich flavors: it just means that you won’t taste them and think immediately of the spirits on which they are based. So when this happens, we may just give a score of “N/A” because it doesn’t really apply at all in this case.

And…at the end of the day…it’s a really subjective idea. It is meant as a guide, and not an absolute gauge.